Friday, September 16, 2011

Bear Hunting Pictures - Fall 2011

Tommy and 221 lb Black Bear
Father and Son w/ 180 lb (rt) and 221 lb (lt)
Father and Son w/ 341 lb Black Bear
Side View 341 lb Black Bear
Muzzle of 341 lb Black Bear


  1. Very cool!

    Ya'll get to shoot them, we put tunnels under highways to protect them.

    Maybe one day bear season will come to Florida.

  2. Thanks for sharing the great photos! I've never been on a bear hunt and my friend CamoMOM just returned - her tales have spurred me to add a Maine bear hunt to my bucket list!

  3. Very cool pics and congrats to all. Someday I would love the opportunity to be one of them.

  4. I'm curious Rabid, do all native black bears have the brown muzzel? Seen any all blacks?

  5. Alex, Yeah but you can shoot alligators and pigmy rattle snakes. LOL!

  6. Gretchen and RIck,

    While I do enjoy guiding clients on bear hunts, I believe that next year I will instead hunt. Harvesting a bruin over 200 lbs has been on my bucket list for a long time . While I have been hunting and seen a lot of small bears I just need to invest time in the stand waiting for a big one!

    You guys just need to join me!

  7. PBM, Just the brown BUT sometimes the bears will have a large white chest patch . . . very cool!

  8. PBM...Actually quite a few big bruins have a black muzzle. It's usually a big male. Anyone wanting to go on a Maine bear hunt, please visit my web site:

  9. PM, It is about time you commented on these photos! Where the heck you been for the last 2 months, guiding snobby deer hunters in Jackman?!?! Good luck to you during black powder drop me a line if you shot a monstah!


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