Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hunting in Northern Maine

As the sun rose on another beautiful day in the North woods of Maine my cousin and I slid my Brant II Scull boat silently into the waters of No Name Pond. We were immediately greeted by the sound of distance geese and using a combination of electric and man made power were able to stalk to within 10 yards of a flock of several geese before they realized something was amiss.

The video below is of my cousin (at 18 a registered Maine guide!) dispatching one of the cripples. While we hunted for two additional days only on this first day were we successful in even seeing any geese. While we heard geese every morning the shear size of the body of water on which we were hunting and the amount of available feed in the surrounding areas made getting to them with the scull boat and/or coaxing them into our spread difficult.


  1. I hate to break it to you, but that's not really NORTHERN Maine. :-P

    Your picture makes me wish we could have gone out on the water so much more than we did this year.

    Did you bring any home? (Not sure how I feel about eating a goose and wondering what I'd do if ever presented with one to cook :-x)

  2. LOL! I suppose you are right. I had friends that actually went goose hunting in Ft. Fairfield over the weekend and shot 18 geese (3 people) in a hour and a 1/2 one morning. Maybe I should go to N. Maine! :)

    We actually breasted ours out and ate the geese while there. They taste a lot like steak. We had ours cut into squares, wrapped in bacon and then fried in bacon grease . . . very healthy!

  3. FF = Northern Maine, yes. lol

    Ok, that doesn't sound half bad. (I swear I'm not a health nut - I find nothing wrong with a bit of bacon grease every now and again... haha)

  4. Funny, I have little interest in ice cream, cake, chocolate and other sweets but I an crazy about bacon . . . ohhh and lard! :)

  5. well you got out there and got to see some wilderness so your one up on me.I'm ready to go home and put the boat in the water and get out there myself.congrats on the September geese and yummy idea on the goose steaks.

  6. No ice cream? Oh, the humanity!

    Yeah - I've got a major sweet tooth.

    We buy 1/2 a pig from a guy we know. It is THE.BEST.BACON you could ever find. I'll bet that would be good on your goose. lol

    Also, thanks for the reminder. Our trips out for ice cream are numbered. *must go get a treat tonight*
    They close for the season TOO SOON (I guess I like summer too... lol).


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