Friday, September 12, 2008

Maine Hunting Season Finally Arrives!

It seemed like it took forever but hunting season is finally here! As you have probably noted my posts have slowed down a bit as I have been busy in the woods and on the waters. I have managed a couple trips out goose hunting and one attempt at deer hunting in the expanded archery zone. Am heading to the Northern part of the state this weekend on a bear hunt . . . I can't wait!

Managed to find a dial-up connection in the middle of the Maine woods that reminds me of what it must have been like communicating by telegraph . . . Stop
Geese were raining from the sky yesterday and today . . . Stop
Had to buy a baseball bat to beat the geese off the decoys . . . Stop
Sitting on the bear stand last night had 2 coyotes, 8 point buck and lastly large black bear come into the bait . . . Stop
Unfortunately, it was to dark to even see the crosshairs and even though it was a struggle I forced myself into the only ethical option . . . Stop
Heading out in a few hours for another night on the stand and my excitement is building as I reach the 1/2 way point of my vacation . . . Stop
I already have enough pictures and stories to write for two months of blog posts as this place is absolutely beautiful . . . Stop.

**Moderated the pending comments and can't wait to write back next week but doing so currently with this dial up connection is painful! Well, have to head back out to camp and get ready for this evening . . . wish me luck!!! :)


  1. So did you knock any geese out of the sky?

  2. TBD,

    No, to hot for the geese to be flying so I instead practiced retrieve work and hand signals with the dog. At least the morning wasn't a total loss! :) Well, like any morning spent in nature could ever be seen as a loss . . .

  3. Just got word that if I shoot my bear on Wed. or Thurs. Northern Maine has a coyote problem they would like me to help them solve . . . HEHEHEHE!

  4. I have to ask what area of Northern Maine (I'm from the Fort Kent area originally - miss it terribly).

    We have a coyote problem at our house too... (as in, they are too close for my comfort! ;-))

  5. Will be in the "Princeton" area . . . Ft. Kent! That is pretty much part of Canada! :)

    Mid July I was in "The County" while the potato and mustard blossoms were in full bloom . . . it was beautiful.

    Coyotes are becoming an issue in Mid Maine as well . . . will do my part to thin the pack this winter when I have more time. :)

  6. *in heavy french accent*

    I am NOT a Canadian. ;-)

  7. Well the temp is dropping all the time so any day now they should be starting to move.

  8. Sounds like fun! Coyotes are starting to be a problem in southern maine to. I just got done trying to hunt them around a friends house (he has a young son, and they are getting too close).

    We were so bold as to make a video of our efforts. Maybe you can give us some tips? We've never hunted coyotes before.

  9. Arons,HA! Video was great. Even unsuccessful hunts are well worth remembering. I have a few suggestions for you next coyote hunt so drop me an e-mail at and I will send you some hints. Take care and good luck!


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