Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bite the Bullet?

I had to post this humorous video a friend of mine sent me on the difficulties of hunting moose. Granted when it really is moose hunting season and you really do want to shoot a quality moose there is NEVER one around. If you are additionally interested in hearing about my moose story from a couple years ago check it out HERE.


  1. Oh wow that's a priceless video.It's almost like the moose was looking for a handout.Honestly I would have had to spook him away.I just don't know if I want something that big,that close to me.I would be afraid it would get spooked and pound me into the ground.That was good control on the hunters part.

  2. Hiking I have had a few mammoths walk within feet of me . . . always an adrenaline rush!

  3. What a great video! MM enjoyed too, thanks for sharing!


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