Friday, January 9, 2009


As I walked out to the bait pile the other evening, in preparation of another evening of freezing my tail off without any sign of coyotes, my mind started to wander over the events of last several months. I honestly can't believe that the days are already getting longer and that the 2008 holiday season has so quickly becoming a distant memory.

Personally I have struggled over the last several week to maintain enough forward momentum to keep the family on track, work schedule focused, requested stories started down the publication path, blog updated, ice fishing, coyote hunting and helping my friend Chris start up his new blog . . . located at:

Well maybe I can just pray that things will calm down in the future . . . LOL! In the mean time if the praying fails to work, my question to all of you is when life's becomes so busy it is overpowering what "techniques" do you use to stay focused and less stressed because I am running out of things to shoot and burn.


  1. If you've been following my blog, you know I'm not the one to give you de-stressing/relaxation techniques... lol

    Winding down before bed and getting a good night of sleep help, though.

    Good luck!

  2. Ice fishing n coyote hunting...

  3. Your situation is quite different from mine in that I lack the wife and kids in your formula.That of course is priority number one as I'm sure you know.That being said I to seem to overbook myself when I get off the boat.I sit on boat for thirty days then I think about all the stuff I need and want to do when I get home.Regardless of what I do,someone always gets upset because I didn't take a day to hang with them before I went back to work.Since I'm single and with limited shore time,I have come to the conclusion that I need to do what makes me happy.I know you can't do that all the time because you have a family to care for.Hopefully you find joy in caring for your family,I'm sure you do.Plus when your children get older you will have instant hunting partners and scouters.

  4. Go fishin'. If the time ain't right for fishin', I go huntin'. After that, I have a mental breakdown. Sorry - good luck.


  5. And all this while spending less time with me!!! The 2008-2009 duck season didn't find us together much other than opening day and one hunt Downeast...

    I told you clearly that one is fun, two is work and that your world was going to change. Didn't mean for it to be a downer because being a parent is the hardest job I love to do and as you well attest, nothing is better than being a daddy...

    However, you need to prioritize your time after family. Case in point, if I were to call you to let you know I'd be in your neck of the woods this weekend and wanted to see if you could go ice fishing, you'd be there. You do many things and have many irons in the fire so I'd knock out something for a bit...

    It wasn't easy but my deer hunting took a whack this year, I don't qualify going out five times as enough to deserve a deer. And that's what I got for my efforts, nothing. However, I chose to do more duck hunting which I'm more passionate about...

    Learn to say, "I'm sorry, not today" to people other than your wife. Once you can do that, the rest is easy...

    Maybe I should take some of my own advice since I'm the authority on all things important...

    Take care buddy,


  6. My best decisions in that case are usually to curtail but NOT eliminate outdoor activities from my schedule. Say I'm feeling pinched, boss and wife are unhappy, and I am planning to fish 3 times in one week. I cancel 1 or 2 of the fishing trips and MAKE SURE I go on the third.

    Some of my most frustrating recent scheduling mistakes have been to completely freak out, and ixnay all "optional" activities. That is definitely not the way to go...but it's hard when you're in the clutch, and the only choices are wife, work, and fun. And somethin's gotta give.

  7. Thanks all for contributing to this great discussion!

    I took most of your advice this weekend including getting a little more sleep (Jodi), ice fishing (BM & TS), spending more time with family and prioritizing (TBD & DM) and eliminating some extracurricular (ST).

    Basically, put the story writing and the late night coyote hunting on hold as well as some minor house repairs and instead spent most of the day Sat. and Sun. playing with the left over ice fishing "bait" in a large bath tub with the little guys. It was hilarious! That combined with sleeping in on Sun. and ice fishing Sat. morning and I feel much more REVIVED than I had been previously!

    This type "A" just needs to learn to know when to say when! :)


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