Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Camouflage Options

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As I stumbled around the front yard (not intoxicated this time . . . kidding) last weekend my wife and kids peered out the front windows with that look that seemed to say “Well its official the old man has finally lost his damn mind!” My initial idea was to create a blog post that highlighted the importance of matching your camo clothing selection with your surroundings for optimal success while hunting. As I attempted to operate my camera my frozen digits refused to corporate. Finally struggling through dead batteries, full memory cards and a plethora of other annoying interruptions I finally managed a handful of shots.

I think for the most part the pictures speak for themselves. Included are my three favorites that I feel really highlight the importance of matching your camo to your surroundings. The Seclusion 3D winter pattern as pictured should be used in conjunction with shadows and dark mixed growth. Best application would be the edge or corner of a brush pile or alder thicket. Note how my all white gloves appear out of place and almost seem to glow in the Seclusion picture. Also, don't make the mistake of using this pattern against pine, spruce or other greenery as you will stick out like a sore thumb. The all white pattern should be reserved for open fields or lakes where there may be little or no cover as evident in the last photo.

The camo clothing pictured is Cabela’s Canadian Coverup (Jacket, Pants and Face Mask) in Seclusion 3D Winter. The interesting thing about the outfit is that it is semi reversible. What I mean to say is that the inner liner is white. This isn’t to say that this inner coating is super durable but in a situation where all white is needed it certainly is possible to use the all white interior to better blend into your surroundings.


  1. Perhaps next time, instead of having them watch you like a loon, you could ask for a family member to man the camera for you.

    That way, they are involved in the craziness. lol

  2. Rabid,
    Interesting article, how is the gear in terms of warmth? You are going to be spending some cold time in the outdoors with that stuff and I curious to see how bad it can get before you call it quits. Get ready for some ice fishing, northern pike beware!!!


  3. This clothing is only an outer shell and is ineffective unless you add additional layers underneath. For night hunting were the temps have been getting down to around 10 degrees I am finding that to be warm I need:

    1. Base layer next to skin of Polypro top and bottom
    2. Poly pro Fleece layer over base top and bottom
    3. Fleece jacket (R1 Patagonia is my choice)
    4. Down jacket IF no rain/freezing rain is expected and synthetic down if wet weather is expected.
    5. Two hats (one full face mask and one cover hat.

    The whole thing is finished with some warm mittens and heavy, heavy boots.

    As you know I have done some pretty serious winter climbs and so I can handle the cold better due to experience. BUT all things considered about 2-3 hours in these nightly temps have me running home for a hot shower.

  4. The pike are in trouble . . . IF we pick a weekend relatively quickly. Dates are filling up fast. Drop me an e-mail if you have some possible dates and I will see if I can accommodate.

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  6. Boots we need boots in snow camo not just plain white boots in something like the seclusion 3D camo ...anything comeing out soon?


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