Monday, January 12, 2009

Fishy Background

Wanted to share this photo that is currently my computer desktop background. It was taken this past weekend while ice fishing for "trash" fish (Yellow Perch, Pickerel and Bass) on a local pond. Despite their description these three game fish are some of the best tasting fresh water species. Served deep fat fried or in a fish chowder they taste so good it will make you want to slap yourself!

Take Care and Enjoy!


  1. I think a perch or pickrel fried up in butter taste bettern any trout r salmon...

  2. BM, I couldn't agree more!

    We always soak bass, perch, etc. in buttermilk and roll in self rising flour . . . fried to that oh so good golden brown they are delicious!

  3. try filleting the yellow perch, then boiling the fillets until cooked. after that, put them on ice or in the fridge until they're cool. then eat them w/ cocktail sauce! mmmmmmmm :-P

  4. Brian . . . WOW! That sounds VERY good!


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