Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Day of the 2008/09 Ice Fishing Season!

This weekend marked the last day of the 2008/09 ice fishing season. While we will still have "suitable" ice for at least a couple more weekends my time is a little less flexible. Had a great last weekend with temperatures in the upper 50s and my cousin and his boys joining me in Augusta for an awesome trip to one of my favorite perch ponds. Numerous fish were caught and many games of ice shoes were played! I really can't believe that yet another season has slipped away so quickly.

Highlights of this season include this picture taken during the previous weekend with my son (under 3 years old) ice fishing for the first time with me and his Papa. While I typically don't post pictures of my little ones I had to set aside my protocols to share this one photo of Papa and Grandson. Any Dad's out there who haven't taken their kids fishing get out there! We only have so much time to invest in the next generation and who will be there to support it if all our kids are happy sitting inside playing on the Wii! It is our responsibility to teach our kids about the outdoors so just do it!


  1. The little man already looks like a pro! And more importantly, I bet he had himself a great time out on the ice. Great photograph!

  2. Looks like little man and my little beauty will be hitting the ice with us next year for sure. Pretty awesome isn't it buddy?

    Great Post, I suppose I'll have to get to writing up my last day out with the ice girl...


  3. Sounds like it has been a successful season for you and others in your family or those that are friends also. I agree the little guy looks like he has got that "stare" it takes to spend a lot of time looking down the ol' ice hole.

  4. DP, I have some great video of him pulling traps that make me LOL every time I watch it. Can't believe he is a pro already! :)

  5. DEDH, I can't wait for the years when we can do more and more together as a hunting duo! Just a few years buddy and we will have them all out on Togus Pond for waterfowl youth day!

  6. Mel, I feel very fortunate that I was able to et out as much as I have with family and friends. So proud of the lil guy he beat his old man by an entire year with his first time ice fishing. I was apparently 4 years old the first time I went with my father. I have a feeling he is going to be quite the outdoorsman!


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