Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seed On the Wind by Bill Geagan

I recently completed reading "Seed on the Wind" by Maine Author Bill Geagan. The book was written in the late 50s but still holds tons of valuable information related to parents raising kids with a knowledge and understanding of the outdoors and our valuable outdoor heritage. If you have not yet read it is a relatively short fun book that I highly suggest. Below are a couple quotes from the book to pique your interests . . . ENJOY!:

Nothing is bad in the beginning – the flesh, the raindrop, grass blade, tree or bumble bee. They are produced clean, firm and good. – P. 9

Those boys who were shown the ax, the canoe, the rifle and the fishing rod as the tools of good men. And who reached for them eagerly, learned of their values and decency to face the world as men, clean, solid, capable and unafraid. – P. 135

Parental neglect of children is to a great degree responsible for juvenile delinquency. We need look no further than a garden plot for strong comparison and convincing proof. There the seedling is carefully nourished and tenderly encouraged and guided if it is to grow straight, strong and productive. Neglected, it is soon at the mercy of the weeds; a discouraged, unproductive weakling. - P. 143

Like most people I have, I believe, many friends. Some have been tested and found to be true. Others having melted in the heat of such tests, have been shoved back into the ranks of acquaintances. Such tests are not to my liking . . . as the truth might reveal more pretenders in those cherished ranks of friends. – P. 169

Kids are straight shooting little realists. They love you or they don’t and they are brutally blunt in letting you know about it. They are the only aristocrats of the human race. – P. 169

Much of the same goodness will rub off on the father who walks afield with his son. And like he who cuts firewood the father will be twice warmed for his efforts. Where he walks with the boy in Nature’s great corridors doesn’t matter, so long as he shares his interests and teaches sincerely and thoughtfully as best he can the greatness, honesty and importance of the wonders on display. – P. 170

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  1. TRO - Some moving comments there. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a good book to reflect on.


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