Monday, March 2, 2009

Mud Trout Door Stop

As we struggled to re-fill the wood box to have sufficient fuel to drive the stove through the frigid night the screen door to the camp provided a continued annoyance refusing to corporate and allow us to freely pass. As I approached the door with a particularly large armful of wood the door slipped off its ice covered door stop and slapped shut barring my entry to the cabin. It was at this point, that my cousin in a moment of frustration and pure brilliance grabbed one of the larger Mud Trout and plopped it down as a new door stop. Maybe it was the extreme cold or just the circumstances surrounding the situation but we all laughed over this maneuver for several minutes.

The next day fueled by my cousins inventiveness I decided that I would attempt to design and implement new uses for frozen Mud Trout. While certainly not quite as interesting as the door stop idea I thought my Frozen Mud Trout Sundial was a testament to what an individual can accomplish when they have to much time on their hands.

Disclaimer: Several fish were harmed in the making of these photos, however, none of them were left uneaten.


  1. We as hunters must learn to adapt and overcome adversity or at least a door that slams in our face, nice job.

  2. I disagree that the sundial is less interesting than the doorstop, it's definitely more interesting... tho I think I'm starting to question your sanity... (jk)

  3. That is brilliant, I love it! You may have a new product on your hands here. I think some R & D is in order. Next year we'll see'em in the Cabela's Big Book!

  4. Only goes to show you how crazy some of us "cold" water anglers can get. Made me laugh, too, so it's all good!

  5. Rick, LOL! Frozen lake trout also make great teething toys for infants. :)

    DP, Question MY sanity . . . what ever made you say such a thing (insert shifty eyes HERE)! :)

    TS, Well I do have a connection or two at Cabelas . . . maybe I should make a phone call! :)

    Mel, Great! I frequently post something just in the hope that it might make a reader chuckle . . . glad I could oblige!


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