Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Through a dozen harassing phone calls I finally managed to get my brother to e-mail our fishing photos. Of all the photos filled with fish and smiling faces the one above is the one that will serve as my most treasured memory. A couple days spent with family members perusing a shared passion is always certain to create lasting memories. No matter how many fish that are caught in the end the enjoyment of any trip is the time shared between those individuals held dearest.

The picture above was taken on the last day of our "adventure" and as the sun set below the horizon and a chilly wind blew down my collar I wondered if I would ever be back to this place again. A decade and a half ago when I last walked on the hard waters of Pocumcus Lake I wondered the same thing and yet here I was again fishing the leviathans of the north. I am sure that someday in the not so distant future I will return . . .


  1. Nice picture. You guys look cold, but happy.

  2. Temperatures were chilly but when you are prepared and dress accordingly it makes all of the difference. Not to mention having access to two heated ice fishing shacks . . . sweet living!

  3. I use to enjoy hunting and fishing with my brother but somewhere along the way he took up golf and gave up hunting and fishing and bought a winter home in Florida so now I'm pretty much on my own. My youngest son goes to Maine with me every fall hunting but that is pretty much it.It's one time of the year I really look foward to. That is a very nice picture of you guys. It is special sharing memories with your family.

  4. Cal45, Would be interested to hear where you go in Maine? Same place every year or different locations? Just curious.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. I've been hunting out of a camp on Frost Pond near Ripogenus Lake in T3 - R11 since 1978. I just love the country up there. This past year we were going along an old overgrown road and came to a small stream. After getting out and checking, it was loaded with 7"-8" native Brookies. You don't see that here in Connecticut. I would love to live up there but that wouldn't be possible. I hate the snow we have here. Here knee deep there armpit deep.


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