Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend White Perch

This video documents the only fish we managed to land over the entire course of last weekend. As I often say that is why they call it fishing and not catching!

This impressive white perch is well shy of the current state record but specimens in this size category make for great eating. Immediately after catching we threw the fish into the fry pan and boiled it up with a healthy dose of Jamaican Jerk Sauce. As we all stood there playing a game we up here affectionately call “ice shoes” and picking small pieces of fresh caught fish from the frying pan I seriously had to wonder how life could get much better.

Much better did he say . . . seconds later MY flag went up and I battled for close to 10 minutes with a VERY nice size fish that I guess was a Northern Pike. Only as I pulled in the 12 pound mono leader did I begin to get nervous. Well concentrate on one thing and it will be something else that ends up biting you in the butt and that is exactly what happened. As I wrangled the fish delicately up the hole the hook caught on the edge of the ice lip and in a second the fish was gone . . .. lost inches from being fish chowder.

Friends asked me if I was “disappointed” and I had to laugh. Disappointed? Hardly! A beautiful day on the ice with family and friends eating good food and laughing till my ribs hurt . . . those days are hard to improve upon.


  1. Fishing, horse shoes and a cooking skillet. How can you go wrong.

  2. Now "Ice Shoes" is something I haven't tried on the ice before during slower fishing times. Thanks for an idea.


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