Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Country Mouse Visits City Mouse

It certainly has been a wild couple weeks with little time to do any serious blogging. While I have managed to jot down a few scattered thoughts on my BlackBerry, nothing has seemed to be post worthy. I blame this latest cranial blockage on the fact that I haven't been able to invest any serious time in the woods and on the waters in the past several weeks. As sometimes happens, other priorities have instead focused my attentions elsewhere.

As you will see in the outlined photo montage, I recently returned from DC where I was able to briefly visit with my cousin and her boyfriend who graciously carted me around the big city and showed me the local sights. Ultimately, a fantastic trip that I would highly suggest be made at least one by every single red blooded, NRA card toting American. Can I get a YeeHaa!

Note the sizable flock of Canada Geese to the right of the Washington Monument.


  1. Great place to visit. Don't ever EVER live think of living there.

  2. Awesome pix... looks like you were right at home in the city!

  3. DP, So hard to identify "interesting" shots that haven't already been done or more appropriately overdone by other photographers with much greater skill than I.

    Was a fun trip. Would be great to have more time and try and get some additional shots another day.

    Thanks for the positive comments!

  4. Next time bring your flannel and a fly rod, we'll trudge through the reflecting pool and catch (as they say in downeast maine) a big "cockah"... or more likely a boot and/or some sort of rare disease.

    Great having you down here in the "south" - brace yourself for what is always an epic adventure in GLS! Say hello to Merlin for me ;)


  5. Alicia, with the huge flocks of Canada geese I may just have to bring the shotgun. Then again maybe gun fire is frowned upon on the DC mall! LOL!

    Can't wait to get to GLS! A little less excited to see Merlin!

    Take care Cuz hope you don't get burried under to much snow!


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