Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mysterious Tracks

The latest activity that, for the moment, has completely captured the attention of my three year old is the through exploration of our backyard. Our new favorite activity, has been the discovery and following of animal tracks left in winter's coating of snow. Varying hare, turkeys, gray squirrels, fox, bobcat, coyotes, grouse, whitetail deer, mice and neighboorhood cats are just some of critters that make their way across our acreage.

I have been impressed to find that, after just a few sessions out in the wilds, he has already mastered the identification of several species tracks and understands which direction the particular animal traveled. In the last few weeks, I have followed red fox across our living room and turkeys through the bathroom as he leads pretend safaris. His expansive imagination and drive to continue to learn has been fun and exciting to watch. I am hopeful that his interest may allow him to have the patience to spend time with me in the turkey blind in May or June photographing. Time will tell!

Saw the posted tracks frozen into the snow along the side of a ice covered lake. Hazard a guess?


  1. I told myself that same thing a week ago, time will tell. It is exciting to see them get interested in the same things you do isn't it.

  2. My little guy is the same way when it comes to the outdoors. It just fascinates him in every way. I highly recommend taking your little one with no matter what you do. Not only for his sake but for your's too. Nothing compares to seeing the world again through fresh eyes. (this I found out by taking my little one with bow hunting.)

    As for the tracks, I'll take a guess. Muskrat perhaps. (I really have no idea but I look forward to finding out.)

  3. Here's to hoping your little one stays interested!

    The tracks - not a dog or cat. I'll guess at a 'coon or fisher or marten with those pointy toes.

  4. All, it will be exciting to watch the little guys take on new activities and interests and as KM said "seeing the world through fresh eyes".

    I still have this desire or dream to write a book someday on raising "analog kids in a digital world". Hopefully, by using the blog to document our activities through the years together, I will ultimately have a great outline from which to frame a future manuscript. Well, time will tell!


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