Monday, February 8, 2010

Lil Man Catches FIRST Fish!

I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate my 200th post than to feature this photo of my little guy catching his first fish! We had been fishing with Gramie and Grampie for almost the entire day when in the fading few moments, we suddenly got that one flag I had been secretly praying for all day. Stomachs bulging with red hotdogs and roasted marshmallows, we all ran quickly to the ice hole not knowing what was twitching on the other end of the line. The little man’s excitement was running high as he grabbed the line and ran across the ice plucking the GIGANTIC pickerel from the murky depths. I am really not sure who was ultimately more excited him, me or Gramps . . . we were all hooting and hollering probably making the neighbors think someone got run over by a snowmachine. I cut the line, picked up the fish in my leatherman and handed it to my little guy. He immediately starts dancing around high on the excitement of the moment! Later that night, I filleted the fish and cooked it up, providing a taste for all. It was nice to stress the importance of eating what you kill and killing only what you plan to eat. It was by far my absolute best day fishing ever and the best fish I have ever consumed!

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6. Lil Man Catches First Fish


  1. Great story it's always cool to hear about the little one's. Congrats to him, Gramps, and you for a memory you will all never forget. I can just picture him dancing all around with joy. My boys are not quite old enough to go fishing yet, but some day I hope to enjoy taking time out in the field, on the water, and on the ice.

    Congrats on post # 200

  2. Definitely a kodak moment, congratulations.

  3. Congrats both to your little man for his first fish and to you for your 200th post. Looking forward to reading 200 more!

  4. Yay... little Vose! Congrats on the fish, and for the memory making adventure!

  5. That's awesome! You'll both remember this for a long time.

  6. I can't believe how big Lil man is. I remember back when we first started hunting together. Do they ever grow up fast. We need to slow it down a bit.

  7. Ben G. - It won't be long! It seems like only yesterday that I was dreaming about the day that the little ones would be accompanying me into the woods. Now that the time has finally arrived, I find myself looking at all of the new fishing gear that they simply MUST have!

  8. Thanks all for the comments!

    It won't be long and I am sure I will be posting pics of not only #1 but #2 as well! Hmm, I wonder how old they will need to be before I can get them to start helping me with the blogging!

    Take care!

  9. TRO - The smile on the little man's face says it all!

  10. WTG Rapid Jr!! I love reading these type of stories!! I know how excited I get over my neice or nephews when they catch a fish, or see ducks flying over, or whatever the "outdoor" case may be!! I can only imagine how proud you and gramps must have been!! Congrats to Jr and the rest of ya'll!! :) I know he's "hooked" for life!


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