Friday, May 28, 2010

In The Tree Tops

Found this old deer stand while turkey scouting this spring and it reminded me of this poem . . . enjoy.


WHO inhabits the cities of leaves,
With their streets of bending boughs,
And their green-walled houses,
cool and dim As cloisters for monkish vows?
Not monks I ween, for I hear their songs,
So merry, and sweet and gay,
And love is breathed in each swelling note
Of their rippling roundelay.
In those houses high were room for two
When first they were built there:
What hopes were woven with each soft strand
That fashioned their circle fair!
Oh happy lovers!—in safe retreat
From my prying eyes below,—
You have waked anew my heart's old griefs
From the days of long ago.

—Mary Vaughan

Western, Field. Western Field - Sportsmans Magazine of the West. San Francisco: Western Field, 1907.


  1. Great looking stand - did you risk climbing up?

    Great poem:Outdoor magazines really did offer a lot more for the soul in those days.

  2. SB,

    Haven't scaled to the top of that stand yet. Need to wait for someone to accompany me in case I required a medical evacuation!


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