Monday, May 24, 2010

Mt. Katahdin Picture

This photo, of Mt. Katahdin, was taken last week at the scenic turn out on Rt. 95 North shortly after the Medway exit. Note that she is still veiled in a dress of frozen ice and snow.

"Why is it among the most glacial mountain peaks I find the greatest warmth?" By: Ivan Granger


  1. Beautiful picture indeed.

  2. I love stopping there on the long trek north. It's so pretty when you're able to see the view.

  3. Jodi, View in the spring with the snow still covering the peak is always breathtaking. Just make sure you are covered in bug dope before placing one foot outside of the truck!

  4. Another place with a great view is on Route 11. There's a little pull off at the top of a hill (right next to a farm) in Patten. We've gotten some great pictures from there.
    I've climbed that mountain once. ONCE. And I have no intention of doing it again. Granted, I was in horrible shape at the time. I'm still irritated that it was foggy at the top and I didn't even get to see anything but the summit sign! lol

  5. Nice suggestion! I really like the view from Abol Bridge off the golden road. Several of the "published" photos you see of the mountain are from this location.

    I have climbed it over 30 times in the "warmah" weather and 6 times in winter. Its never an "easy" climb and typically the top is shrouded in clouds. That said, you need to try it again when you have a view . . . it is impressive!


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