Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maine Guide Update (Hunting)

With all of the activity of 2010 turkey season, I had yet to inform the blogosphere that before April ended I successfully completed my final licensure and testing requirements for my Maine Guide “HUNTING” registration. I can now lead and get paid for hunting related activities in the state of Maine, as well as “RECREATIONAL” activities of which I was previously registered. All that remains now, for me to complete to fulfill my Maine Guide dream, is to complete the “FISHING” portion of the examination. I currently have not set a specific date for this to occur but am interested in completing before the spring of 2011. Knowing my passion for the outdoors I will probably grow wrestles and complete well before that date!

I also have paid my dues to the Maine Professional Guides Association to be part of their membership. If there are any Maine Guides out there and/or members of MPGA please drop a comment, as I would be interested to see if there are others Guides or association members out there reading!

In the hurricane of my excitement, I purchased several items through IFW and Maine Guide Supply. Both these locations sell some VERY cool guide related equipment and supplies, including patches, hats, vests, tie tacks, packet knives, coffee cups, shirts, etc. If you are in the market to get some new guiding gear they have all the stuff, including very cool hats (with green patches) in Mossy Oak and “green” guide patches, perfect for adding to your turkey vest!


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