Friday, May 14, 2010

Squirrels Molest Turkey Decoy

I had been wondering every couple days I had to go out and reset my turkey decoys. It was a mystery to me that the inanimate decoys always seemed to be lying down on the job. As I began reviewing the photos from the game camera, it quickly became apparent that the red and gray squirrels were having a great time climbing all over my turkey decoys! Well, it certainly gave me a chuckle so I wanted to share a few pictures.


  1. what a crazy squirrel, it is nice to see another outdoor sight. If you want to see PA style check out

  2. Unreal! That is something that would only happen to me!

  3. What do you suppose the live turkeys would think of that?? Probably, "What the ....??" LOL

  4. This is pretty normal for my backyard. I can't wait for hunting season to open on the gray squirrels! Anyone know any delicious recipes please post!


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