Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dual Coyotes Caught on Game Camera

My FIRST game camera picture having two coyotes on it at the same time.

Game cameras become extremely valuable, to the predator hunter with limited time, by helping to pattern animals visits to bait sites. In the past week, I have noticed that two of the coyotes frequenting my bait site have changed their patterns for late night to early evening visits.  With this information, I may be able to organize an early evening ambush based on the intelligence provided by the camera. This is bound to save me hours of time hunting the site when the coyotes are not prone to visit. 


  1. They look to be good size ones. I remember the last one I saw was as big as my shepard/husky dog

    Whitetail Woods™

  2. Thanks Joe!

    Rick check this out from A study showed that of 100 coyotes collected in Maine, 22 had half or more wolf ancestry, and one was 89% wolf. A theory has been proposed that the large eastern coyotes in Canada are actually hybrids of the smaller western coyotes and wolves that met and mated decades ago as the coyotes moved toward New England from their earlier western ranges


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