Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Youth Day Turkey Hunting Success!

Congratulations to Austin on His First Turkey (15.4 lbs, 7 in Beard and 3/4 in Spurs)!


  1. way to go Austin. Congrats on your first bird.

  2. Passinthru, I don't know if Austin will respond but I know he is out there someplace in cyberspace eyeballing his picture with great pride!

    1. Austin proved him metal again this Spring Turkey hunting season in 2012. He shot two nice birds, (both jakes) at undisclosed location (Secret Spot)with me. He managed to call in a group of Jakes one morning so close he could almost reach out and touch them. Unfortunately, when he got home, his dog Buddy ate the fantail, spurs, and beard in the garage. Needless to say, Austin was not happy with Buddy. The second Jake he shot one morning had two beards (4" each). Yes, a double bearded Jake!! He was quite pleased to have shot a Jake with a combined 8" of beards. Austin's life ambition is to become a Maine Gamewarden. If any Gamewardens are reading this, Austin would sure like to tag along with you for a day.
      Yours Truly,
      Austin's Dad


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