Monday, June 20, 2011

The Shore Lunch Dissected and Defined

We have all been there, struggling through a hard day in the woods or on the waters in extreme cold, driving rain or hurricane force winds. We have also been out on those beautiful lazy days where Mother Nature blesses sportsmen with perfect weather.  When weather cooperates, it certainly makes any outdoor adventure more enjoyable, for you and your outdoor companions, but even then lack of fish and game can turn even the most patient crew of individuals mutinous.

One essential element to making sure the natives do not become restless, when weather and lady luck frown down upon you, is having plenty of good, hot food available. Nothing will tame a savage beast, better than a warm drink, full belly and something sweet to gnaw on. If these tasks can be completed next to a roaring campfire with a brief chance to escape the hordes of biting insects or perhaps under a tarp to momentarily receive shelter from pouring rains, then all that much better.

Maine Guides and seasoned sportsmen alike know well the benefits of keeping bodies well fueled and minds focused. Even the most dedicated and hardcore hunter and angler can benefit greatly from a brief respite in their outdoor activities to relax for a few moments and enjoy a good meal.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been many instances where when hunting or fishing alone, I am perfectly content to choke down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or unceremoniously grind my teeth though a Twinkie, however, when in the company of good people few things are more fun than sharing a meal together. In these circumstances it never fails that laughter, tall tales and outright lies are exchanged all in an environment of camaraderie, cementing the bonds of lasting friendships.

Next on 6/22: How to Prepare the Perfect Shore Lunch

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