Monday, November 28, 2011

Five Year Old Shoots First Deer

This short video segment shows my 5 year old son shooting his first ever white tailed deer! It occurred during a game called "deer hunter", I was playing with him and his brother a few weekends ago. During the game, my sons and I practiced using my various deer calls and even had a short session on how a compass works. While it is obvious that we still need to work on correct shot placement, I was still very impressed by how quickly he was already starting to sound like a veteran deer hunter. I almost dropped the camera hearing him say . . . "LOOK AT THESE ANTLERS"!!


  1. After some original problems with the video segment of this post I think it is now ready to roll! Enjoy!

  2. Trey, Thanks buddy . . . hopefully the little guy will be a much better deer hunter than his old man!

  3. Awesome. It appears he is starting out with a bow. Kids are amazing.


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