Monday, February 27, 2012

Ice Fishing Classic Photos - Febachery (Part 1)

Sun Rise - Pleasant Pond, Island Falls
Checking Ice Traps - Pleasant Pond, Island Falls
Diesel Jigging - Pleasant Pond, Island Falls
A Feast of Silver Sides - Pleasant Pond, Island Falls
Early Morning Ice on Trees - Pleasant Pond, Island Falls
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  1. We want pix from THIS PAST weekend! FLAG!!


  2. My grandparents lived in Island Falls and when we visited them during the summer we'd go to Pleasant Pond for swimming..lots of good memories there..

  3. Paul, You just wait your turn Mistah! Video is coming!

  4. PBM, It is a beautiful spot. My brother and I are thinking of planning a Spring trip with the family to possibly do a little bit of salmon fishing!


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