Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ice Fishing Classic Photos - Febachery - (Part 2)

Registered Maine Guides 
Uncle Kim Having a Jig
Ryan's First N. Pike!
Family and Friends Enjoying a Great Day on the Ice!
For More on Febachery Please See:


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. No ice here and I haven't been fishing in a while. Sad since we live on the lake but here there is wildlife management property around the lake so I have to walk down a path to get to it.

  2. Becky, We had a ton of fun and Febachery was a complete success! No ice? What state do you live in? Practically live on a lake, very nice!

  3. Nice pike, Starting to catch them in the shallows yet? I got my first two this year through the ice out on Long Pond.

  4. Yea Team Vose and friends!

  5. Yoda, The pike seem to be just getting into the shallows. A friend had a great run of action this weekend! How is Long Pond heating up?


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