Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wood Duck Nesting Boxes

Now that we finally have ice covering the lakes and ponds that can be "somewhat" trusted. The boys and I thought it would be fun to go out and put up this Wood Duck Nesting Box, provided by a friend. Unlike the common wooden nesting boxes, this one is made out of plastic. Though a different design than I am used to, I have no doubt that come Spring it will end up becoming home to a pair of woodies! The boys and I will enjoy going down to the flowage in the evenings and quietly watching the comings and goings of these colorful ducks!

When taking kids out to put up bird houses, bird feeders or nesting boxes, it is always a good opportunity to talk to them about wildlife conservation and how we all need to care for and nurture animals to make sure populations remain sustainable to all future generations. Though they might be small of stature, even the youngest minds are big on understanding and it is never too early to begin teaching these important ideals to the next generation of sportsmen.

The Wildman and The Savage
Future Heros of Conservation?!?

For Detailed Plans on How to Build Wood Duck Nesting Boxes Click: 


  1. I love watching Woody's fly into nest. I can not wrap my head around how fast they fly into the opening, yet live to fly again! Good stuff!

  2. Trey, I have seen them do that a few times. I can't wait to get the lil guys down there in the spring to watch them. Two things I need to do before that time. First, build a small blind by the edge of the marsh to hide the movements of "anxious" boys and second teach them how to look through binoculars!

  3. I always enjoy your posts with the youngsta's! Looks like our future Maine outdoors traditions are in good hands.

  4. PBM, Lets just hope Daddy has enough energy to always keep up, lest he be someday left behind!


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