Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ten Pounds of Pike (Video)

Over the past week, I was fortunate to be able to ice fish with family and friends on a variety of lakes and ponds ranging from Island Fall to my very own backyard. During that time, we were able to catch some truly fantastic fish, ranging from brook trout and salmon to yellow perch, large mouth bass and even a few nice Northern Pike. 

After three straight days of ice fishing, we finally managed to land the largest fish of Febachery AND get the entire ordeal on camera. In the video below, my Floridian friend Karen lands her very first fish through the ice, while her husband Ronnie and I provide direction and assistance! 

When pulling large, powerful fish like Northern Pike through the ice, it is important that everyone work as a team. Note in the video one person plays the fish, another manages the reel and makes sure the line doesn't become tangled and finally someone manages the hole. Without working together, I guarantee that this fish would not have been landed. *Note in the video that the hook pops out of the fishes mouth but my hands are there for the save! SWEET!

Job Well Done! Congratulations Karen! 
For More Classic Pike Fishing Action Video See: The Duckman's Version of Febachery!


  1. Karen's first fish....that pike!? I'd say she's off to a smashing good start! :)

  2. EMB, Yup! Her very first fish through the ice! No place to go now but down! LOL!

  3. That's a damn good catch. Congrats on a nice day out on the ice. Good coaching.

  4. Too much fun Rabid! Congrats to Karen!!

  5. Rhon and PBM, Both Karen and Ronnie were excited and had a lot of fun catching that Pike but on Saturday I took them perch fishing. Those two were like little kids running to flags all day long. Reminds me that while catching a monster is an amazing experience, nothing can really compare to a day filled with the excited yells of "FLAG"!

    BTW, over 35 flags on Saturday!


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