Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fishing Tall Tales . . .

Fishing Tall Tales . . . fun with Photoshop!
I had to share this picture I edited over the weekend. Picture is of my neighbor and a bass he caught. He wanted to send the photo to a friend of his and "brag" a bit about the Maine fishing scene. Before he sent I worked my "magic". It isn't a perfect job and if you look carefully you will see where I made errors BUT overall should actually convince most.

Goes to show that these days you can't even believe what you see. Happy Fishing!


  1. yeah you are a natural,you should quit your day job and just photo shop for a living.

  2. Awesome! I'll have to send you a doe or a cow photo to shop in something... how about a doe mulie with elk antlers?

    But seriously, that looks great. It looks like you brought out the scales as well!


  3. Mike,

    HAHA, I can do just about anything with a good photo and a little bit of time. Fish are the easiest as you simply select around them and then give them a good stretching!

    Took out the bow this weekend and shot a bit . . . going to try and shoot my first deer (with a bow) this season. Got any pointers? :)

  4. TBD, Quitting my job sounds so refreshing . . .


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