Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shooting Practice 30-06 Style

Yeah, I know what you are thinking . . . why is he closing his left eye! Well, my shameful secret is that I shoot right handed but am left eye dominant. I am currently working to try and correct this genetic anomaly. More about this issue and possible solutions here:

Video of shooting practice (Browning BAR 30-06)

In preparation for this September's bear season I took the BAR out for trial run at my home gun range. The four shots seen in the video were taken at 50 yards using Remington's Core Lokt 180 Grain Soft Points. In the photo at the left, you will see that from the initial bore sighting the deviation is minimal but with adjustment even that will be corrected before the season opener.


  1. Did you know Rabid that even after all the downed sea ducks that the Downeast Duck Hunter shoots right handed but is left eye dominant??? And what surprises me more is that I never knew that about you...

  2. Diesel is Lt. & Lt. just figures!

    Other posters - Please drop in a comment if you are left or right eye dominant and if you shoot left or right handed.

  3. When shooting it is oftentimes more important to know your dominant EYE rather than hand... it has something to do with your brain's computer, and can't be changed very easily. However, this really only applies with both eyes open. A case in point is a good friend of mine who shoots traditional archery like me. Typically you keep both eyes open because it is all instinctual, and this is his case. His groups never seemed to shrink to the size he wanted. He is right handed, by the way. Anyway, he ended up goofing off one day, and shot a lefty longbow. His groups were as good as his right handed groups. In no time they shrunk even smaller... Maybe I should do an entry about eye dominance on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing, and good shooting!

  4. There is an interesting article in the newest Ducks Unlimited Magazine about improving your shooting and part of it has to do with eye dominance... All I have ever done growing up in a right handed world is become adept with both hands, as far as shotgunning is concerned I've grown up not quite closing my left eye to allow my right to function as the dominant one... I tried skeet shooting once and got 19 out of 20 whereas shooting a duck in a boat that is seriously moving is the challenge, you just need to practice and find your style... And who knew that DuckPower was bass ackwards!!!

  5. Interesting info.I don't have a clue what my dominant eye is.I just know I need to shoot better.

  6. BCBH,

    I could kick myself for buying a rt. hand bow a few years ago. As I was learning a new skill anyway, I can't believe I didn't think of getting a lt. hand bow! I shoot the bow "ok" but I wonder how much better I could have been . . . hmmmm.


  7. TBD . . . if you are interested the third link in this post show how to determine if you are rt. or lt. eye dominant.

  8. DEDH,

    Yes, the DU article was interesting. For those who have not read it speaks of putting a small piece of tape or a smear of petroleum jelly on your shooting glasses on the dominant side. THis is suppose to maintain your peripheral vision but also allow you sub-dominant eye to take over and track the target better. Will have to try it this duck season . . . hey if it doesn't work at least it gives me another excuse for my poor shooting! :)


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