Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lyman's “Revolution” Rotating Gun Vise

Lyman's “Revolution” Rotating Gun Vise

I have to admit that when I received this product in the mail the other day, I kinda scoffed at the idea of needing a gun vise. I mean seriously what is wrong with using the kitchen table or a TV tray? Why would someone actually need a vise to hold your gun while cleaning it?

After sighting in my Browning BAR 30-06 in preparation for bear season, it seemed the perfect opportunity to give the vise a try. Almost immediately, I could see that this piece of equipment could prove VERY useful and I was extremely pleased with the results. What I had failed to consider, is how helpful it is to have a mechanism that securely cradles your firearm and allows you to have your hands freely available to easily access the materials in your gun cleaning kit. Not having to continually handle the firearm also has the added benefit of keeping touching and thus fingerprints to a minimum further facilitating the cleaning process.

From box to workbench the assembly process took me approximately two minutes and no tools were required. There are even optional bolts included that will allow the vise to be securely attached to a workbench making it even more stable. The vise is adjustable and rotates into three different locked positions greatly facilitating the cleaning process by allowing you to walk around and access your firearm from different sides and angles. Lastly, it is able to solidly lock any firearm into position including shotguns, handguns, anything in the TC Encore and Contender line as well as tactical weapons.

Lyman's “Revolution” Rotating Gun Vise is available for purchase through Middletown, Connecticut based company Lyman. For more information see them online at: It makes no difference if you are a seasoned marksman, gunsmith or weekend warrior you have got to get you hands on this gun vise!

*After thought . . . I need to contact the manufacturer and inquire if it is safe to use this device to sight in firearms on the gun range. I simply want to insure that the associated plastic parts are up to the shock created by continual firing practice. It is my initial reaction that it is most likely not BUT it never hurts to ask!


  1. Lymans dropped me a note saying that the vise is not strong enough to withstand the impact of repeated gun fire and should only be used to facilitate the cleaning process.

    In other words DO NOT use on the gun range!

  2. Thanks for the tip.Now if the state of Virginia would just let us use rifles to hunt east of I-95 then I would go buy something besides my .22


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