Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wild Crow Motorcycle Tour by Stephen Vose

Wild Crow Motorcycle Tour (Part III)

Motorcycle Guide Books will tell you that somewhere between Houlton and Calais there exists a stretch of pavement 8 miles long called the “Million Dollar View Scenic Byway”. From what I have read, the “photographic opportunities are endless” unless of course you are actually a photographer . . . yes folks that is scorn and bitterness in my voice. Though this stretch of highway contains several scenic turnouts I found them more picturesque than photographic. Actually, I was incredibly surprised and disappointed at how “un-photogenic” this area was compared to other regions of the state. Perhaps it was the dense fog and threatening skies or maybe a nagging post birthday hangover headache but either way multiple forces combined to put a damper on my demeanor. The one saving grace presented by this stretch of highway is the Chiputneticook chain of Lakes section that I am guessing is spectacular during leaf peeper season. As I drove by the apparently now closed Million Dollar View Restaurant I vowed to someday return to this section of desolate highway and give it another chance. As I hit the throttle and sped on toward Calais, Ozzy Osborne sang in my ear of the apocalyptic end of the world . . . making me think that maybe I need to stick to happy show tunes.

Stopping briefly in Princeton to rest my posterior and invest in a stock of Advil that I was hoping would pay out large dividends. I noted an interesting location on the outskirts of town and decided to snap a couple shots.

Arriving in my hometown of Calais, I treated myself to a refreshing swim in Keens Lake and managed to wash off the road grease. While swimming, I noted numerous brookies busily snapping up a fresh hatch. I greedily watched these activities thinking of my growling stomach and trying to remember the last time I had bitten into a crispy trout tail. If only I had access to a flyrod . . .

An overnight with family and an incredible home cooked meal recharged and readjusted my attitude and by 9:00 AM I was once again making my way down Route 1 to visit friends in Machias and Jones Port. Final chapter to be posted soon!

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  1. All right buddy, even though your photography doesn't seem like the typical rabid flair... the pictures are very nice especially since captured by a manly man... look forward to your final chapter when you get to visit the coolest man alive!!!

  2. Is he going to visit Batman?


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