Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maine's Greatest Hits (#6 of 10)

Maine's Greatest Hits - Cabbage Island Boat Tour & Clambake
The Cabbage Island boat tour and clambake makes for a great family adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages. The capable crew and well equipped island facility allow access for handicapped individuals as well as those who may simply need a helping hand. Any trip to the island, is comprised of a mixed range of young and older people, locals, those “from away”, vacationing couples, families and small groups of friends.

During the approximately one hour trip out to Cabbage Island you will enjoy a scenic tour of Boothbay Harbor, Linekin Bay and the outer edges of the Gulf of Maine. As the Argo navigates through thousands of lobster buoys you will pass by picturesque islands with such names as Tumbler, Mouse, Squirrel, Fisherman and Negro.

Quick amateur shot opportunities exist for photographing Burnt and Ram Island Lighthouses, however, individuals wishing to seriously photograph these locations would be much happier taking one of the specialty “lighthouse” cruises. Below are two quick shots I managed to take from the boat tour.

Burnt Island Light – Built in 1821 on the West side of the entrance to Boothbay Harbor, this is one of the oldest lights on the East coast. About a mile from the harbor, its white stone tower frequently attracts pleasure boaters and kayakers.

Ram Island Light – Cylindrical brick 35 ft tower on a granite caisson foundation was constructed in 1883. It is often viewed by pleasure boats negotiating the Fisherman Island Passage.

Once you arrive on Cabbage island there are a variety of activities available that include fishing from the dock, horseshoes, volleyball or just relaxing in a lawn chairs. Others simply enjoy walking around the incredible 5 ½ acre homestead owned by the Moore family, who have been hosting traditional “Downeast” clambakes since 1956. Meals are cooked on a giant wood fired oven in which food is wrapped in seaweed and then steamed to capture all of the flavor an sweetness.

The succulent feast is comprised of an appetizer of rich buttery fish chowder followed by two luscious lobsters, tender white steamed clams and all the traditional fix-ins. For dessert, you will be served fresh blueberry cake with hot fresh coffee or ice tea.

For more information please see: Cabbage Island – Open June 21st through September 7th


  1. They have such activites like that down by me.the problem is they are not very organized.So they never last more than a few years.

  2. This operation is GUARANTEED first class and they have the entire system of serving down to a science! It is funny that they have all these activities on the island but all I ever manage to have time to do is eat! :)

  3. Nice pics... sounds like some great food too!

  4. Makes my mouth water just thinking about that. That would be a TON of fun!


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