Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Master Winter Camouflage for Better Predator Hunting

The use of a tool like Google Analytics allows bloggers to gather information on the interests of their readership. Writers are able to see what blog articles are most popular, based on the number of times they are accessed. Sometimes the most read postings are not what you expect. For example, on themaineoutdoorsman.com a large number of people find the blog while searching for a post I created awhile back on winter camouflage. To respond to these queries, I am adding a few additional posts on winter camouflage and hunting in the winter environment . . . enjoy!

Winter camouflage comes in a staggering array of options including: white, snow shadow, snow digital, Mossy Oak winter, Flecktarn, Seclusion 3D winter and various snow ghillie selections. The reasoning behind choosing a particular winter camouflage pattern is to create a direct match to the intended environment. Snow covered woodlands will require different concealment than wide-open spaces like fields and barren lakes. By being mindful of your anticipated hunting location and watchful of your surroundings, you will be able to more easily blend into the winter environment. As with any camouflage, high contrasts equals easily visible. As bad as dark camouflage patterns are against an open white field, white is equally bad when contrasted against a dark woodland backgrounds. Exercise caution when using white camouflage in dark woodlands as the wary eyes of predators will easily see your movements. In these situations, a mixed camouflage choice consisting of white pants and favorite woodlands pattern, will break up your outline better than all white. Other good examples include, hiding in a snowy brush pile wearing Seclusion 3D winter or wearing the white and blotchy green Flecktarn pattern if hunting a snowy pine or spruce thicket.

The sportsman looking to enter into the world of winter hunting need not break the bank by purchasing the latest and greatest in snow camouflage. Many inexpensive options exist that will provide you with ample winter coverage. This year, I have been very pleased with a set of military surplus white nylon pants and a white nylon mesh camouflage covering I acquired for $20 and winter hat and gaiter from Walmart for $5 (see photos). This set-up allows me to quickly and easily adapt to different hunting scenarios with minimal effort. Other “thrifty” options include using painter coveralls with hood (not quite as durable as the nylon option) or simply a white bed sheet (just remember that cotton will quickly absorb water and ice up).

The possibilities are obviously many and varied, so I encourage everyone to get out there and try out some of these snow camouflage selections! If you happen to find other great choices please drop a comment.


  1. You'll be surprised, but my father and I brought out some of my wife's fine egyptian cotton white sheets after a snow storm for some bufflehead and black duck action. The camouflage option worked, but I immediately had to go into relationship repair once we got home...

  2. LOL! That reminder me of an incident at my brothers house that involved a set of new bedroom curtains that will never quite be the same. Perhaps this taunt will incite him to strike! :)

    You know, I never envisioned you as the "Egyptian cotton" type and now that you have shared this intimate detail of your bedroom practices, I feel I have no recourse but to decrease your standing in the book of manly men . . . so let it be written . . . so let it be done.

  3. Again you attempt to mince my words, I quote, "my wife's fine egyptian cotton white sheets"... that does not make me any less of a man whereas sleeping on "sandpaper" sheets does not make a man tougher but rather hostile to the fact that sleep is good...

    As for the book of manly men, I am a manly man...

    Have a good day,


  4. DDH, you reek of backtracking damage control. Be confident in the fact you are a sally boy as much as I wallow in the fact that disco dancing to Christina Aguilera makes me feel pretty. :)


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