Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The image above is my newest Desktop Background and was a shot I took out the door of the ice shack looking westerly toward a small community of shacks that can be barely made out spread across the lake surface. Throughout the two days of fishing this little group of shacks provided hours of entertainment as we watched through the binoculars at snowmachines and ATVs racing across the ice.


  1. perhaps you have a new career on the surviellance...or peeping tom, but lets stick to surviellance shall we? :-)

    I bet it was a very peaceful thing, and love the picture

  2. Peeping Tom . . . hmm . . . I am now feeling the need to go over and make an inappropriate comment on your blog . . . err wait a minute . . . all your blog consists of is inappropriate comments! ;-)

    Something about the early morning silence on a frozen lake that is serene and peaceful. It is almost sinful at times to disturb it with the coughing and sputtering of an old ice auger . . . then again I do love the smell of burning oil before 6:00 AM . . . Gack!

  3. Cool photos. What was the trick to taking that one of the fish?

  4. CG, Thanks! Practice, practice, practice . . . or in my case lots of luck and being in the right place at the right time!


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