Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Milestones

I wanted to organize a post to personally recognize and thank the 50 people who are now following my blog. As you know from my introduction, the primary focus of my blog is to improve my writing skills. This would undoubtly be a impossible endeavor without the individuals who follow my site and regularly provide comments and suggestions. Your opinions are critical to the development of my writing style as you offer unique perspectives, constructive criticism and multiple levels of support.

There is a level of excitement I experience when I post an article and await "comments". This sensation motivates me to want to continue writing. When typing a blog article, I often smile knowing that something I am writing will make others laugh. If on a more serious topic, I often ponder if others feel the same way, share like perspectives or will tell me to jump off a cliff!

In my field, we discuss the importance of Professional Learning Communities or PLCs (yes we educators love acronyms). Often when this term is discussed, I think of the group from the blogsphere. Working together and driven by like passions we function together as a cohesive unit.

Thanks again to everyone following, please know you are much appreciated!


  1. Congratulations on 50. Hope to be an active reader of your blog after the next 50 sign on to follow your writings. Job well done!

  2. Hey Hey Hey, Congratulations are in order. Looking forward to your next 50.

  3. I'm leaving your blog, back to 49 chump...

  4. Thanks all . . . except DDH. Your time will come buddy oh yes your time will come! :)


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