Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Deer Game Camera Picture

I have to admit I am now a little bit addicted to the use of game cameras. Pictures like the one on the right, only fuel this new founded technological scouting obsession. I finally managed to get my first deer picture (pay no attention to my apparent inability to set the correct date) and what a beauty! I had no idea that such a “buck” was walking around in my backyard. It is unfortunate that he is hiding his head behind the bushes but he looks like a 6 pointer. He walked less than 12 feet from my climbing stand but unfortunately a look at the time show that he is crossing WELL before legal shooting. With less than a week of muzzleloader to go, time will tell how the final tale of the 2009 deer season turns out!


  1. Congrats on your first deer pic.

    I know only to well how addicting it can be to have an extra set of eyes in the woods. From scouting your hunting spot to seeing which deer made it through season, it's just all around good fun.

    Most enjoyable post. Can't wait to see what else ends up on your camera!

  2. That is a very good picture. I used to look forward to checking my camera all the time.
    I think I am going to have to get a new one to replace the one that finally died on me.

  3. I suppose I should let your readers know that it took you exactly 15 minutes to get to LL Bean to go get yours after I sent you the picture of the spike horn I caught... lol... what will be even better is when we put our resources together and start scouting those landfowl, the elusive turkey!!!

  4. Kmurray, Next on the list is a Bobcat! I know he is on the property as I have seen his tracks in the new snow. Its just a matter of time before his stomach gets the best of him and he starts checking the bait site!

  5. DDH,
    Actually I was on the phone with LL Bean in less than 5 minutes after the spike horn picture! One thing I am having trouble with . . . I can't seem to get the Moultrie IR to shoot more than 5 seconds of night time video? Am I doing something wrong?

    I can't wait for turkey season . . . take care bud!


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