Friday, December 4, 2009

Duck Camp 2009

This year's Duck Camp was supplemented by the arrival of Duckman, who decided last minute to join the unusually deviant and belligerent activities that usually occur when my brother and I manage to magically find the time in our busy and hectic schedules to connect. I should have know we were in for a good time when I arrived at the designated meeting spot at the designated time greeted by the blaring sounds of Hank singing "Country Boy Can Survive" and was handed a beverage glass full of a substance that could reignite Mt. St. Helens.

From the onset, I could tell that the hunting gods were smiling on us when on the first day we shot 4 Long Tailed and 2 Eider ducks. This fantastic beginning was only improved by a trip to my brothers new camp in the middle of the Northern Maine wilderness where we were joined by a slew of processed meat toting family members. It was a welcomed, cherished and great escape from a deer hunting season that has been"challenging" to say the least.

I wanted to share this picture I took while "heatah hunting" with my brother for grouse one afternoon. The miles and miles of logging roads provide 4 wheel access to some incredibly beautiful areas of the Maine wilderness. If you decide to head out and explore these areas just make sure you have a high quality map, compass and/or GPS and are well prepared to spend a few days if necessary. It is easy to get turned around in these areas and assistance could take a long time for help to find you!

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