Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aconcagua Climb 5 Year Anniversary

I can't believe that five years have passed since I planted my ice axe firmly on the summit of the highest peak in the Americas. It now seems a distant memory barely on the fringe of belief. I often wonder if I will ever return to those distant peaks or if I will even ever return to the truly big mountains again at all. It is not that the preponderance makes me sad or soulfully reflective only curious if my physical health and mental desire will continue to be strong enough to power me to these mammoth heights when and if the opportunity again arises. Below are a few additional posts on winter climbing and mountaineering that I am hopeful that you will find interesting and informative.


    1. I remember thinking how crazy you were, but then again you are sort of insane. On a side note, North America? I am a geography teacher...

    2. DDH, I was once insane . . . got better . . . now just crazy. Thanks for the heads up! Story corrected!

    3. Great post Rabid,
      I can only imagine the thrill of reaching the summit...must have been amazing!
      Any plans for a return trip?

    4. CG,

      Total trip up to the summit was 2.5 weeks, so by the time I got to the top I was mentally and physically exhausted. With less than 1/2 the oxygen at sea level just tying your boots was a major chore. It was definitely an amazing life accomplishment and something that I hopefully will someday repeat.

      Return? Never back to Aconcagua . . . but eyeing Elbrus in Russia perhaps.

      Thanks for commenting!

    5. Just wait till you get older, and even the things that you once thought were ridiculously easy, drinking, dancing, ummmm ahem all night long, and then going to work, just wait until you actually, mentally realize you just don't have it in you anymore!

      Speaking of which, I did wade into a potential twenty man brawl with nothing more than a stick in one hand and motorola radio in the other. When I realized what I had gotten myself into, I was glad there was a Ma Deuce looking over my shoulder for back up!

      Best Regards,
      Albert Rasch In Afghanistan™
      Scouting for Hog, Chronicles Style!

    6. Ugh - this post hits home for me. I was an avid hiker, all year long. Then home ownership, kids, and slightly older age seemed to happen almost suddenly. My last winter overnight was in February in the Bigelows. I know it was a particularly cold night at the time, but damn - colder than I was comfortable with. The cold seems to bother me more now and I still have all of the same decent gear.

    7. AAR, Last time I drank it took 4 days to recover . . . AND I wasn't even dancing!

    8. Ranger Man, I used to laugh at -10. In fact my coldest night in a tent was -65 on Katahdin. Walking to the truck today at -8 in my driveway had me crying like a little girl! What happened to me! Somewhere, sometime I got soft!

      However, I am going to Katahdin 100% next winter season and planning the classic Abol slide climb. If your interested in being added to the group list drop me an e-mail! Damn this midlife crisis! Well at least I am not driving a cherry red sports car!

      Thanks for posting!

    9. I sent you an email to your yahoo address re: the Katahdin hike.


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