Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coyote or Bobcat Track?

I had a newly inducted predator hunter ask me the other day if I would provide a comparison of a bobcat track and a coyote track in the snow. Pay special attention to the wider track and distinctive toe separation in the bobcat track. The .30-06 Springfield cartridge, in the photograph as a reference, is 3.34 inches in length.

Track of 30 lb Male Bobcat
Track of 35 lb Male Coyote


  1. This is a great set of pictures and very useful.

  2. PassinThru,

    Thanks! I also have a short post coming out in a few weeks that talks about taking pictures of animal tracks with a much more "artistic" focus. You should find it interesting!

  3. I was going to compile several comments all perfectly capable of aggravation and endearment, but for now I still choose to be a good friend.

  4. It is interesting to see them side by side. You can really see the claws in the coyote (dog). Thanks. I look forward to the aforementioned post.

  5. Are you using a special high dollar camera, or something that can easily be carried in a hunting pack? Someone should do a review on the perfect outdoorsman's camera!

  6. Good post and very useful. The tracks are very similar, but seeing them side by side like this, makes it easier to see the difference. Thanks!

  7. DDH . . . was I just complimented or insulted? :)

  8. DEM,

    Deep snow here has forced me to stop photographing tracks for awhile. Soon however soon!

    Photographing animal posts will be published on Feb 14th. Hope you find it interesting.

  9. Trey,

    Just small hand held digital. Noting fancy. With good light and a tripod even a simple digital can take fantastic photographs.

    If your bored check out:

    All done with my cheap digital.

  10. Karen,

    Thanks! Stop by on Feb 14th for more on animal tracks and tracking!

  11. Mini-Tutorials! My favorite, and now I know!

    [url=]Albert A Rasch[/url]
    [url=]The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles[/url]

  12. KT, FYI Posted the Animal Track today instead of 14th! Yes, I have the patience of a kid with ADHD and an addiction to speed.

  13. AAR, You bring up a thought provoking response. "mini-tutorials" really are a critical component to good blogging. A lot of my favorite posts I have read from the blogsphere are quick informational injections. Hmmm, must create more!


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