Friday, March 25, 2011

I Saw a Fox Out Fishing

Old Red Checks Out a Discarded Pike Skeleton at a Bait Site
There used to be an old joke my English teacher would tell us to provide assistance in using proper writing style. It went something like this:

Frank: I saw a fox out fishing the other day.
Bud: Cool, did he catch anything.

It had something to do with putting the indirect object “fox” in between the direct object “I” and the verb “Fishing”. A better way to write the sentence would obviously have been, “I was fishing yesterday and saw a fox.” Man, that just gave me a serious headache. Anyway, when I saw this game camera picture the other day this memory was the first thing that popped into my head. Enjoy!


  1. I see said the blind man to his deaf son...

  2. DDH, I detect a hint of mockery.

  3. Little fellow seems to have pretty nice form!

  4. So a picture of a fox shooting a rifle reminded you of English class?

  5. Renee, Not sure what that says about me if I answer YES! Wanna hear me recite all of the prepositions?

  6. Ummm, sure. Put it all out there buddy. Throw in a couple of dangling participants while you're at it.

  7. When you said fox,
    I thought you meant "chick".
    My bad.

  8. It does look to have good shooting form ;). LOL!

  9. Sorry all had to change the original picture. Need to remember to link and provide credit a blog or a website next time I decide to "borrow" a photo. Lesson learned. :)

    Well in the absence of a fox toting a high power firearm, check out old red on one of my bait sites. Enjoy!


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