Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Hunting Regulations By State

Anyone Else See Something Wrong With This Picture?
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Please see the following links for more on Sunday hunting from Foggy Mountain Meanderings: Part 1 and Part 2 
Also, here is one of my of my responses to a conversation evolving at:

Mr. K,

SWOAM is bottom line simply afraid of change. I understand this viewpoint as I have seen it many times; change is a difficult process and even a bit scary for some individuals and organizations. Opening Sunday hunting has been so hyped by some groups of “traditionalists” that it is now viewed as a cataclysmic event that will ruin the Maine woods. This stance couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s think about this for a minute . . . how many states currently allow Sunday hunting? What do their game populations look like? What do their posted lands look like? New Hampshire is a great example, boasting a healthy deer and fowl population with lots of public and private land open to hunting. Further, 80% of hunters hunt partridge and deer during October and November. Currently, a majority of this hunting occurs one day a week (Saturday). Ever been in the woods during hunting season on a weekday? How many hunters did you see? Close to none I’m going to bet. Providing hunting on Sunday will mean most hunters would potentially enjoy another 8 days OUT OF THE ENTIRE CALENDAR YEAR! If you were from out of state, and had a choice to hunt one day in Maine or 2 days in New Hampshire on your one weekend a year hunting adventure, where would you go? Hunters are leaving our sport in droves, the art of hunting is dying and the “traditionalists” are killing it. We need to think differently and progressively as a united front of outdoorsmen if we ever hope to have the sport of hunting survive.

Sardines Are Best Served Cold
“Thankful” . . . you speak like I have no appreciation for the state or the people who help to manage its’ woods and waters. I take offense to this suggestion sir; I love this state and its’ people. I only reserve my disgruntled and ornery nature for those who oppose Sunday hunting. I also have no qualms about taking a poke, arguing against or attempting to coerce anyone who goes against my other ‘sinister’ viewpoints, like those who don’t like canned sardines, drive Chevys or sport mustaches; it is after all the American way. SWOAM took a “poke” at sporting lodges, Maine guides, hunters and anyone associated with or profiting from the market generated by my hunting brethren, when they opposed Sunday hunting. So, poke, poke, poke and shame on you if you can’t take a joke, joke, joke.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your reply to my story. The fact that anyone of your caliber, as a former SWOAM board member, would even read something off my “low rent” blog is truly an honor. If I had simply written a piece about Sunday hunting and cried incessantly about how I didn’t like it, blah, blah, blah would anyone have read it? Would it have generated this level of discussion? Would anyone have cared? Doubtful. In today’s society of shock and awe, sometimes you have to write outside of the box to get an appreciable level of response.

Ok, I am jumping off the soapbox! Next . . .


  1. I've never given this issue much thought but the map graphic certainly puts it out there for all to see. Our state ban must have something to do with our Puritanical roots or maybe not?..I'll have to give it some consideration. Thnx!!

  2. I don't know if you follow Justin over at Foggy Mountain Meanderings but he just did some posts about this. I'm from Delaware and we can't hunt on Sundays either. It sucks!

  3. Penbay . . . no we are just idiots. Hopefully we will come around to legalizing Sunday hunting before it is to late.

  4. Trey, No I don't need to move I just need to buy a New Hampshire hunting license!

  5. LB, Thanks for the suggestion. I just added his links to his excellent posts on mine.

  6. This is a little late, but thanks for the mentions!! I just saw that you added this. I read this originally and thought we had a lot of the same opinions and views, glad to see I'm not the only one...

  7. im from maine, it sucked that we cant hunt but we can in new hampsire, and we r loosing hunters


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