Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trophy Pike Of North Pond

17.69 lb Northern Pike
It was an ambitious schedule from the very beginning, an enterprising task consisting of a grand total of 7 days ice fishing, all within a time frame of 8 days. At the trips conclusion, the truck registered a total of close to 600 miles, the ATV 10 miles and the old legs an untold number of footfalls in the pursuit of fish. Along the path, many people joined in on this adventure, including family and friends, each adding their own special variety and spice to the excitement and thrill of the chase. While it had been a difficult endeavor, the hardest tasks are those most treasured and I will certainly long cherish the new friendships and memories derived from over a week of fish near caught and trophies hard sought. Over the next couple weeks, I plan to provide a run down of this mini-adventure, the places I visited, equipment used and fish that were caught . . . enjoy!

12.6 lb Northern Pike
Day 1 – Northern Pike Tournament - North Pond - BEEP, BEEP, BEEP wailed my alarm as I frantically stretched forth a haphazardly directed arm in an attempt to extinguish its annoyance. Along its reckless path, my hand managed to knock off the nightstand a poorly positioned glass of water and it shattered on the floor in a million razor sharp shards. A litany of curses spewed forth that probably are still hanging somewhere in space over central Maine. I contemplated the thought that this was probably not the optimal way to start an adventure into the wilds, debated resetting my alarm and sleeping another 4-5 hours.

Fighting back sleep, ever so slowly my eyelids pried themselves open and I stared in disbelief at the glowing red numerals, which continued to read 4:00 AM, despite my valiant attempts at squinting, “Yup” I concluded, time to get up.

At 4:30 AM an old Kappa Delta Phi fraternity brother joined me and we loaded our gear and were off to chase monster pike in the Belgrade lakes chain on North Pond. By the end of this day two pike were harvested. The first (12 lb 6oz) at 9:36 AM and mine at 10:15 AM weighing 17.69 lbs. That fish ended up as a third place finisher in the derby and filled my pocket with $200! The winning PIKE in the derby were 19.8 lbs, 17.8 lbs and 17.69 lbs.

To provide a little support for those planning to fish pike through the ice here is my (very) rough sketch of my pike catching outfit. Remember it isn’t about having the latest, greatest and most expensive tip-up on the ice. It is instead all about having good line, rigging and hooks matched to the species you plan to pursue.

Northern Pike Ice Fishing Rig
Belgrade Draggin Masters Annual Ice Fishing Derby Winners!
Next: The Brook Trout of Alligator Lake


  1. That is some big Pike and a very cool post.

    I'm looking forward to the brook trout.

    Whitetail Woods™
    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  2. As I said before, very nice fish Rabid! I hope you bought drinks for Mr. President with your winnings!

  3. Congrats! What a great fish and the $200 is pretty sweet too!

  4. Man! Those are some fine fish! Love the diagram too.

    BTW..Recipe will be posted per your request..

  5. Rick, Thanks! Brook Trout Tomorrow!

  6. Trey, I bought him a new guide hat, covers for his tip-ups and a new Hello Kitty backpack. :)

  7. Hi Steve,

    Just came across your blog, great stuff. Headed to north pond Thursday and Friday to fish, any tips? Won't be able to troll, but is it possible to fish for the landlocked salmon without down riggers? I'd like to catch ANYTHING so any tips are appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Always a pleasure to provide helpful advice when I can!

      North Pond has NO salmon. If you want salmon I suggest Lake St. George on Rt 3 between Belfast and Augusta. This time of year you need either down riggers, lead core or 3 oz lead "fin" sinkers. When you say "won't be able to troll" I imagine canoe or kayak?

      North Pond is all about HUGE Small and Large Mouth Bass and N. Pike. If you plan to chase bass (and maybe pick up an occasional pike) do this:

      If you plan to fish pike a modified rig like the one pictured on this page, incorporating a pyramid lead weight and small bobber to keep the fish about 18 inches off bottom should do the trick. Try deep water.

      If you have a canoe there are several nice landing on the lake and access points. Feel free to drop me an e-mail ( if you need more assistance. TC!

  8. I heard some guy caught a 27 lbs pike in North Pond. I believe he won the Ice Shanty derby for Largest Pike in North America last year. So the are definitely large ones in there. I cant remember the link but its on the somewhere.


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