Monday, October 24, 2011

Boulder Erotic

There is no doubt that you are laughing at the title of this posting and so was I when a close friend referred to this location in the same manner. While this rock certainly is erratic, it would be a far stretch of ones imagination to think it erotic.  Even without being erotic, this enormous boulder is amazing to see and well worth the trip! Enjoy!

GPS Location: N 44 41.365  W068 18.748
From Ellsworth, Maine take Route 179 North to the intersection of Route 200 heading toward Eastbrook. In a mile or so turn right onto Leona Wilbur Road. Turn right at the intersection and pull into the small parking area.

For more information on this site and specific directions please see:

Quote off the Geocaching Website From EMSDanel the creator of this geocache: “This area of Maine is noted for glacially deposited erratics but this one really stands out. There it is, just sitting on the ground in the middle of the woods. Behold the eighth wonder of the world! I'll bet this one goes down on your list of favorites and I'm pleased to be the one to introduce you to this spot. By all means, bring a camera! The owner of this property has made a nice gravel road to the location, cleared trees to make a better view, and created a nice path to the site so that visitors can come here. Bring a picnic, bring the family, come back year after year. One other challenge, as you approach the rock go a little past it, keeping the rock to your left. Turn and face the rock....can you see the face of a dinosaur? In the summer time he is eating ferns.”


  1. The brute force and awesome power of those glaciers...unimaginable!

  2. From what Mr. President told me, maybe you could use this boulder as target practice. Or was it that you couldn't hit this thing if it had flown by on Saturday morning??? I get confused!

    (I was bribed to leave this comment)

  3. Trey, you would be best served to keep Mr. President at arms length. What I apparently failed to realize is that if you kick a dog enough times eventually he will bite you. Just be cautious my friend and be prepared for the day he turns on you as well.

    Remember the old saying, revenge is a drink best served with a few ice cubes, some Jack Daniel's and a spritz of lemonade. :)

  4. PBM, I am sure you have seen Bubble rock in Acadia correct?


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