Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview with Musket Creek

I was recently interviewed for a post featured on THE MUSKET. It is a great blog that has a ton of help and useful information on hunting, fishing and a huge variety of outdoor pursuits. Stop by and check them out!

Here is a few highlights from the interview. For a a full version of the interview w/ pictures please link to The Musket
The Interview With Musket Creek:
The Maine Outdoorsman is a very cool hunting, fishing, and outdoors blog.  Our friend Steve has some really great stuff, so be sure to check out him out!  Click on one of the links in this article for a sample of his stuff.

MC: Describe your first experience with hunting.
Steve: My very first memory of hunting was with my Dad when I was about 5 years old. He was hunting and I was walking in back of him excitedly following his every footstep. Suddenly a partridge flushed and screamed down through the woods like a rocket. I remember Dad calmly raising his Ithaca featherlight 12 gauge pump, shooting once and watching the bird fall. His actions were amazing to my young mind and ‘wow’ was the only word I was able to utter as I ran down into the woods to find the downed bird. From that moment on I was hooked on hunting.

MC: What types of hunting do you prefer?
Steve: I go through cycles of HIGH interest. It used to be deer, then ducks, next turkeys. While I still like to hunt those species, currently I am hot on the predator (coyote, fox, bobcat) and bear hunting.

MC: Is there any type of hunting that you have always dreamed of trying?
Steve: My dream hunt would be chasing something across the plains of Africa BUT I could be almost as happy chasing antelope on the plains or caribou across the tundra. Anything that breaks from the ordinary and allows me to pursue a different species is a dream.

MC: Give us a breakdown of the gear you use.
Steve: Love Polyfleece; hate wool.  Love heavily insulated boots and mitts. Hate budget climbing stands. Love ATVs, Hate scent killer clothing and Love ice fishing. Hate Steel Shot. Love the 30-06 cartridge. So with those statements . . . Patagonia R3 Jackets, Lacrosse Boots, Black Diamond Gauntlet Mitts, Viper SD Climbing Stand, Yamaha Grizzly 550, Baking Soda and non-scent soap and deodorant, Clam 2000 and Jack Traps, Heavishot, 1985 Browning 30-06 Semi-Auto. and Marlin XL7 30-06 Bolt Action.

MC: Favorite place to fish?
Steve: My backyard pond. It’s a 10 minute walk and filled with HUGE large mouth bass!

MC: Coolest fishing story?

Please visit Musket Creek for the remainder of the interview. 


  1. Can I say that I knew you before you were famous??

  2. Great interview, I always like learning new things about the bloggers I converse with.

  3. Cool interview! I don't know much about hunting but thought it was very interesting. :)

  4. Trey, Your making me blush . . . flattery will get you everywhere. You trying to build up brownie points for a NE hunting adventure?

  5. Rick, Thanks buddy. I feel like you and I and a few others were some of the "original" outdoor bloggers. Nice to know we can still learn a few new things from each other now and then!

  6. Wendy, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always nice to see a new face, especially one that also appears to share my passion for microbrews, pretzels and green. :)

  7. Well, as long as you are already providing the beer for everyone, you never know when I may show up!! I am trying to make plans with Mr. President to venture up that way one day! Take care bud!


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