Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strange Clouds Open Senses

While walking out of the grocery store the other day, I was momentarily mesmerized by these incredibly beautiful cloud formations. Though only a simple meteorological event, I had to pull out my camera and take a photograph so I could share. What for me was most important and critical about this event, is a reminder to myself and to perhaps all outdoor folks that we are perpetually surrounded by the beauty of nature. Whether staring out your work window at the leaves rustling in the breeze, listening to the rain drops fall on the roof of your car or even while walking across a asphalt parking lot, make sure to take a moment to look around, soak up your surroundings and breath heavily of the natural world. In the process of opening your senses, you might just be pleasantly surprised to see what you find thriving on the edges of our "civilized" world.


  1. If nothing else, look up. Wild all around us.

  2. David! Hey nice to see ya commenting, been awhile! Thanks!

  3. Sam,

    LOL! Yes, look up and watch me trip on a root or rock and end up in a heap on the forest floor!

    I agree with your comment however that wild is all around us. We just as a society need to pull our noses out of our laptops and iphones long enough to see it!

    Thanks for commenting

  4. Nice photo man, what did you shoot it with? You captured that brilliant blue amazingly. I know it's all in my mind but when I look up and see a sky like this the air seems to taste a little fresher.

  5. Hi Tom thanks for commenting!

    I photograph with an Olympus “Tough” series 8010. Being shock resistant and waterproof, it seems to be one of the few cameras able to survive the abuse I put my equipment through in the course of hunting and fishing season. So far I have found the photos and video to be “ok”. It doesn’t come close to producing the crisp picture clarity afforded the SLRs. (A Cannon Rebel has been on my wish list for years!)
    Stopped by you site and was thoroughly impressed by your photos. My first thought was “Now that is a man with an SLR”! LOL!

    Do you ice fish Sebago?

  6. Thanks very much for the compliment! I had to save for two years before getting my Rebel T2i but am so very happy I did. For the past two years I have been wanting to get on the ice but haven't as of yet. I have a few traps, and old bottle of Wild Turkey and a nice new jigging pole; just need to find a cheap auger or something to get through the ice. That and I need to do some research as to techniques and what to use (I'm pretty clueless with ice fishing). Hopfully this will be the year. Loving your blog man, keep up the great work! Man I hate calling it work...

  7. No problem, much deserved.

    I have all the ice fishing toys (Auger, ATV, Sled, A dozen or more Ice Traps, Ice shack, Jig poles) the list is endless. I am oddly however lacking a bottle of wild turkey in my fishing arsenal? Snoop around and see when and where they are hitting them on Sebago and if your interested perhaps we can connect, I have been wanting to ice fish it for years.

    TC, keep in touch and have a great weekend!


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