Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duckpower Incorporated in Danger of Folding

I hope that everyone enjoys this jointly organized attack on our beloved friend the Duckman. He had apparently gotten a little bit big for his britches and needed a good shake down, of which we were more than happy to provide. Please add many additional comments poking fun at my good buddy Mr. President.

A spokesman from the corporate offices of Duckpower, Inc. has confirmed rumors of a possible shutdown.  It seems that many employees and one founding member of the company have become increasingly disgruntled at the leadership being displayed by the company’s President, Mr. Duckman.   There have long been accusations of abuse from the highest office, but loyal followers of the company have been encouraged to sweep those thoughts under the rug for the sake of the business.  The head of the Southern division was overheard saying that “the mental abuse and constant ridicule displayed by Mr. President towards his loyal employees were sure to bring an end to what some have said was a shaky union to begin with”.

It seems that the problems started with an unpaid corporate fishing sponsorship.  Mr. President, who apparently agreed to sponsor and employee’s bass tournament failed to fulfill his sponsorship obligations because the sponsored team did not technically “win” the tournament. Our sources say that the bill was never paid and tensions started to run a little high in the Southern Division.

I Am SOOOO Pretty!
The Northern Division of the company can be considered even more unstable.  The relationship between Mr. President and his co-founder Mr. Duckhammer (AKA Rabid Outdoorsman) and his brother, the one simply know as Diesel is a difficult one to explain, to say the least.

It has been reported that on many occasions, Mr. President has abused his power, using it to his distinct advantage, in blatant attempts to elicit sexual favors from his constituents. As proof of his debauchery, this ½ naked photo of Mr. President clearly depicts him staring lovingly at the cameraman, poor Vice President Diesel, in a vain attempt to seduce him with his powerful animal magnetism. This was of course only the beginning of Mr. President’s sexually deviant behavior.

Sometimes NO Means NO
Now if this was the final extent of shame that Mr. President had wrought upon Duck Power he could have perhaps, if subjecting himself to therapy for his sexual addiction, been forgiven. Unfortunately, this is not the final story of disgrace and shame upon which he has brought down on Duck Power. Note this additional photo that documents his unwanted fondling of my shoulder. Sure it may seem innocent but trust me this is a slippery slope ending in ruin and it is certainly not the first time that Mr. President has brought shame up us.

Perhaps even worse than his sexual perversion is Mr. President’s shameful shooting skills. Far be it for me to write about such indiscretions but rather find it more appropriate to highlight it on video. Please if you dare, take a few minutes to see this disturbing footage (WARNING, it is riddled with vulgarity.)

In retrospect of these vile acts against humanity and his molestation of waterfowl, we the members of Duck Power Incorporated feel it best to simply end with an impeachment of Mr. President. Viva La Revolution!!


  1. This is a very well written piece of work. Sorry to hear of the company troubles!

  2. Maybe it's time to shake things up.Start thinking about outsourcing the Presidency.As for the missed shots well I have no comment as I have missed far easier

  3. Trey, It is a sad, sad, sad state of affairs that Duck Power Inc. is currently going through. Perhaps with proper therapy Ex-Mr. President can be reinstated. I mean if Tiger Woods can manage a come back why not the Duckman.

  4. TBD, Hmmmm, Interesting perspective. I wonder if I can elect myself. Trey do I hear a second on the elect Rabid for President motion?

  5. 2nd, as long as I keep all of my benefits and receive a 10% raise!

  6. After veiwing just the pictures... Broke Back Mountain comes to mind... Glad to see your bantering is still going strong! Hysterical Post Steve, as always!

  7. Leah,

    You know how I roll. Nothing says friendship like a little bullying and homoerotic banter. I does my heart good to know that me and my cadre of sportsman blogs all work so hard to further the plight of the human condition.


  8. Trey, 10%? That would be barbaric and thoughtless how about 15%. You know me, striving to protect the little man and doing anything in my power to move our society forward in a positive direction! LOL!

  9. Trey, Trey, Trey . . . I head the Duckman used his feminine ways against you and convinced you to drop the post. You weak, weak man. FOR SHAME!! :)


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