Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour - Podcast

Clicking on the title to this article will take you to my first attempt at a podcast within the blog environment . . . the link will take you to a shared space I have set-up at Clicking the file titled "Wild Crows.m4a" will download the audio file to your computer. Don't be alarmed by the sound of my voice as I am using Apple Computers text to speech software (Alex) to see how effective it is at reading articles. Thanks and enjoy!

For the rest of the Wild Crows Motorcycle Adventure See:
Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour Part I
Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour Part II
Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour Part III
Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour Part IV
Wild Crows Motorcycle Tour - Podcast


  1. Hmmmmmmmm.... was thinking I might hear a Maine accent... guess "ALEX" is from away!

  2. Yes, I believe Alex is from California . . . possibly Cupertino!?!?! ;)

  3. Hah, Stephen Hawkins reads Wild Crow Motorcycle Tour!!!! Dude I couldn't listen to the whole thing... by the way I'm still laughing...

  4. Stephen Hawking, sorry...

    Still laughing!!!

  5. Yes folks that is scorn and bitterness in my voice, go Stephen Hawking!!! Still laughing... Go Podcast...

  6. Nice, thanks for the honest assessment. I will be sure to use my own voice next time. This was a great trial, however, as I learned a lot about the posting of podcasts in this environment. If anyone knows how to post audio files so that they stream directly off the site instead of through a download it would be MUCH appreciated if you could throw me a BONE!

    Thanks RO!


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