Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Duck Du Jour

At the beginning of this hunting season I noted that I had several ziploc bags buried in the bottom of my freezer simply label "duck". As I looked over the contents I could tell that freezer burn had left its mark on each one. I had killed an animal to eat and now the best I could hope for was adding it to my coyote bait site in back of the house. To me this was a troubling thought . . .

This year I made a pledge to eat every duck I killed immediately. Yes, folks no freezing or preserving! It has been a little bit of a struggle as my total for the season is currently at 20 ducks and 3 geese but I am pleased to announce that I have been successful in consuming all.

I have employed several different concoctions and combinations of ingredients to insure that I have enjoyed every mouthful.

Here is what I have tried thus far . . .

Duck Stir Fry
Marinate the duck breasts in soy or teriyaki sauce overnight (8 hours). Cut breasts into thin strips. In a large frying pan combine sesame oil, duck, veggies, mushrooms, etc. When done serve over a bed of white rice.

Duck Bombs
Marinate duck breasts in A1 sauce for 4-5 hours. Cut breasts into thin strips and combine in a pan with Montreal steak seasoning, onions, red peppers, mushrooms and some crumbled bacon. Put in a sub roll and top with shredded cheese and A1.

Duck Fajitas
Marinate duck breasts in fajita seasoning mix and water for 4-5 hours. Cut breasts into thin strips. In a large frying pan combine fajita seasoning mix, duck, red & green peppers, onion and jalapeƱos. When done spoon mixture into soft flour tortillas and top with shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce.

Duck Meatball Grinders
Grind up duck breasts and simmer in spaghetti sauce for about 3-4 hours. Spoon mixture into a sub roll and cover with shredded cheese. Put the roll in the oven for 5-6 minutes at 325 to melt the cheese.



  1. Ha ha ha,
    I can't wait for you to take home 30 eider breasts for immediate consumption, wait.... you, matty, and me for two days at 5 eider per person per day=30 eiders x 2 breasts per eider= 60 eider breasts...

    The good news is that I have an elderly woman who will take every one of them as long as we clean them, god love her and I bet she'll say the same about us...

    Duck Camp in 10 days...


  2. That's quite the good intentions there - good luck in keeping them!

    By the way, that Duck Bomb recipe sounds absolutely awesome - I'll definitely be trying that with some venison if nothing else.

  3. Don't feel bad - coyotes gotta eat too...

  4. DEDH, With Eiders all bets are OFF! Those damn things need MUCH preparation before they are fit for human consumption. Last winter I left an Eider carcass on a coyote bait sat there untouched until the end of Feb. Finally some starving yipper hauled it off and most likely died soon after consuming.

    Duck camp 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TS with venison the bombs are out of this world! Hopefully will be having some of those around 8:00 Saturday this night . . . ummmm!

  6. BM, yes you have a great point! Hmmm, I wonder what coyote tastes like . . . chicken perhaps? LOL!

  7. Sounds yummy, I will have to show those ideas to John. He is always looking for a new way to sneak duck into us!


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