Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Opening Day of Duck Hunting

Well Opening Day 2008 was a complete success and the Duckman and I had an awesome time. As planned we overnighted on an island a dozen yards from the duck blind and by 4:00 this morning were sitting in the "Quack Head" blind and quietly sipping coffee. Highlights of the day included Duckman with a double, Onyx with 4 excellent retrieves and RO with "over head shot" that had ROCK STAR potential. I plan to write more soon but here is a teaser video of SUPER DOG . . . dats my gurl!


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!Post some more pictures I can't get enough of that stuff.Glad you guys had some luck,I still have to wait one more week then it's on.

  2. TBD,

    More on the way and my friend DEDH (DUCKMAN) also has a bunch of stuff . . . stay tuned!


  3. Ok, I would have never imagined myself following a hunting blog but I guess as years have past I have more of appreciation for my husbands #1 passion in life.
    The opening day photo is a hoot, I will have to show that to John. He will have a good chuckle. Also, the video nearly brought tears to my eyes. We had a black lab for 16 years, laid her down in April and she was John's hunting buddy. We miss her so. I have been chiseling at him to get another. This week we are dog sitting a chocolate lab I am hoping that will soften him.

  4. Yes, I think over the last decade I have "softened" my significant other as well to the fact that hunting is VERY important!

    Very, very excited on opening day as if it was VERY apparent in the photo! LOL!

    I shudder at the thought that someday I will be without Onyx . . . they are such a big part of your life it is impossible to think of a time when they will be gone. ;(

    Buy a Lab!


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