Sunday, October 5, 2008

One Legged Wood Duck?!?!

I am always amazed by the things I see while out hunting. Throughout the years I have witnessed many interesting animal aspects that make me really respect an animals innate nature to survive despite any obstacle. This weekend while hunting I shot a female Wood duck that appeared very healthy and could swim and fly VERY well. Upon retrieving the downed bird I was amazed to find that she was missing one of her feet. It was obviously an old injury since it had healed over and the bird was apparently doing well.

What is even more puzzling to me is that fact that Wood ducks have claws on their feet that allow them to perch in trees at night to hide and escape from predators. Had this duck somehow managed to perch in trees all Summer since losing the leg to a snapping turtle or a large mouth bass?!?!? Either way you look at it animals and their ability to survive in adverse conditions is truly amazing.

For more on Wood Ducks click HERE.


  1. That is some crazy stuff.I bet with one leg it was still pretty tasty though!

  2. Animals and babies - they have the great ability to adapt to anything.

  3. Jodi . . . you are completely correct. Babies are amazing little critters.

  4. It is amazing how animals adapt.
    John had some time off this week and went duck and bird hunting too.
    Let's see if I can get this straight.... he shot 2 wood ducks and 1 mallard. He went out bird hunting with our GSP and shot several woodcocks. Guess what we had for supper this week!

  5. CG - Nice! Glad to see that others are getting out and spending some time in the woods and on the waters! Well, you kinda would have to shoot "several" woodcock if you wanted to have them for supper! LOL!


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